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Studying at university can be extremely stressful. To help you, NCV provides a range of resources and support structures to assist residents with their research skills and study. Each year, academic tutors are appointed within NCV to assist residents with their studies under the leadership of the Master and Dean. The team of academic tutors run tutorials and are available for one-on-one or small group consultation. Academic Seminars are also run throughout the year to assist NCV residents in their research or study. In addition to the study desks and IT facilities located in every NCV room, a number of other study spaces make NCV an easy place for residents to live in a fun community and still do well academically. As NCV is located on the UNSW campus, it is very easy for residents to access the huge range of resources and study spaces located on campus.

As part of acceptance of an offer to live at NCV, it is expected that residents will maintain satisfactory results in their programs at UNSW. Residents of NCV make such a level of commitment to academic pursuits as to allow them to perform to their highest potential. Failure to meet a satisfactory standard according to the UNSW requirements may jeopardize a resident’s place at NCV. If there are any factors that affect a resident’s ability to study, they should contact a Senior Resident or Resident Academic Tutor for assistance. If the matter is confidential, residents can seek advice or support directly from the Dean or Master