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Pastoral Care

At NCV we recognize that university study can be stressful and demanding, and every effort is made to support our residents as they live and learn at UNSW. The Master, Dean and Assistant Dean lead a friendly and helpful team of Senior Residents (SRs) whose primary role is the pastoral care of NCV’s residents. If you are confused about some aspect of university policy, struggling to adjust to life in Sydney or just looking for someone to talk to, the Master, Dean and SR team will try to support you in whatever way they can. Help is always just a short walk or an internal phone call away!  In addition to their pastoral role, the SRs also assist with NCV administration out of business hours, so if you lock yourself out of you room or trip the power to your room the SRs can help with those issues, too.

The Senior Resident team are provided with training in how to deal with a wide range of circumstances and to provide advice and support to people with personal concerns. All of the SRs have first aid training and are able to provide such assistance when required. If you are faced with a more serious medical situation the SR team will help you find your way to a doctor or hospital for additional treatment. The SRs also help to maintain a safe environment in the building, and where necessary can remove any non-resident who might be creating a disturbance in the building.

NCV expects residents to accept responsibility for their own behaviour and to consider their fellow residents' needs at all times. It may sometimes be necessary, however, for SRs to remind students that their behaviour is upsetting others or is in some way inappropriate. Residents are expected to comply with all requests from SRs as quickly as possible. Along with taking responsibility for various NCV community events the SR team also assists in responding in the event of an emergency in the building.

The 2020 NCV Pastoral Care Team


Master of New College

Assoc. Prof. Bill Peirson

NCV, Dean of Residents

Susan Bazzana

NCV Assistant Dean of Residents

Ben Staunton

Senior Residents

  • Ben Staunton (Assistant Dean)
  • Abishek Acharya
  • Raghav Agarwal
  • Hayden Farrell
  • Shallet Maran
  • Nailah Masagos
  • Simone Noronha