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The New College Village is totally controlled and operated by New College’s board, senior management and staff under a management agreement between the two related entities. The land that the New College Postgraduate Village occupies has been leased from the University of New South Wales for an initial 49 year term. The two residential communities have an informal relationship that allows a uniquely rich sense of community to flourish in each. Both NCV and New College pursue academic excellence, collegiality and service to society founded upon Christian faith and values. A number of events are held throughout the year involving both communities. These include combined College Services, tutorials and career-pathway seminars. The Master’s Challenge brings together NCV and New College, often on the sporting field. A number of games are contested by the men and women of both colleges each year. 

New College is a not-for-profit company that provides accommodation and care for students at The University of NSW. Founded in 1969, the College is actively involved in the life of the wider University community. New College celebrates, and is enriched by the cultural diversity of its staff and students; welcoming people of all faiths and philosophies. The College pursues academic excellence, collegiality and service to society founded upon Christian faith and values. Based on these principles, we build vibrant and close knit communities, strong in academic, sporting, cultural, social and community service activities.

Major activities include:

New College, the residential college for 248 undergraduate students at The University of NSW. 

New College Village, the residential community for 315 postgraduate students at The University of NSW.

Centre for Apologetic Scholarship and Education, a specialist centre which carries out Christian apologetics – the activity of defending the Christian faith, engaging with other world views and attracting ‘thinking’ people to the message of the Christian faith. 

New College Lectures, in 1986 the College set up a Trust to conduct an annual series of public lectures. Lecturers address an important issue or aspect of contemporary society and comment on it from the standpoint of their Christian faith and professional expertise.