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Kit's Chirstian Faith

"….holding a Christian faith is fully compatible with the conviction of a scientist."
Kit Milner

Kit Milner grew up in a family of strong Anglican believers. His belief was not abstract or merely theoretical – just as his scientific field was applied physics, his Christianity was applied to social principles. His faith was central to the way he lived his life and this was reflected in the daily prayer he composed:

"All through the day, O Lord, let me touch the lives of others for good by the power of thy Spirit, whether through the word I speak, the prayer I breathe, or the life I live. In the name of Jesus, Amen."

His sense of social justice stemmed directly from his faith and his belief that the Christian faith cannot be lived in isolation but must be shared and taken to the world. He and his wife Joyce were early supporters of Aboriginal reconciliation, working to create awareness of Aboriginal issues in their own parish church, St Luke’s Mosman, and giving practical help in the form of their own time to organizations designed to overcome disadvantage such as Biala Hostel (AHL) for secondary-school aboriginal girls in Allambie Heights. They first visited in the 1980s and became firm friends of the then Manager and his wife, Les and Sally Stewart and their family. They made regular visits to bring treats for the girls and to help out at the Hostel. They also supported Nungalinya College in Darwin, believing that its mission to build bridges between traditional Indigenous culture and Christianity was vital.

Circular traditional aboriginal artwork showing both Kit and Joyce as “helping goannas”, painted for them by Les Bluewater Stewart and the girls of Biala Hostel in Allambie Heights in the 1980s. Top of wooden coffee table, painted in acrylic. Photo courtesy of Les Stewart and the Milner family.

On one of the regular visits to the hostel, Kit, always a fast but erratic driver, had a minor accident with the retaining wall of the steep drive. The girls thought it hilarious. In the mid 80s, Manager Les Bluewater Stewart, created a “thank you” picture of Kit and Joyce as two “helping goannas” and the girls insisted on putting a dent in Kit’s tail.

As a scientist, he firmly believed that ‘holding a Christian faith is fully compatible with the conviction of a scientist’. His ‘working hypothesis’ on life as a Christian is described in his TIDEFARE paper where he presents a physicist’s view of ‘Time and Determinism, Fall and Redemption’. He explains his reasoning this way:

My name is Christopher John Milner. Legend has it that my patron Saint Christopher was a ferryman who waded a river on demand, and on one occasion did so bearing the infant Christ (who he recognized by the huge weight of his invisible load, comprising the whole world’s sins). My hope is, to have by this writing added one more to that ferryman’s many daily journeys – perhaps across that stream which divides The Two Cultures?

To read the full TIDEFARE text download file from the left margin of this page. 

Early Science Exhibition & Kit Milner

This exhibit extends to only some of the highlights that offer an insight into the many dimensions of this remarkable man’s life and attempts to portray something of their inseparability. He was passionate about many things including his science, his family and his faith; and this, added to his impish sense of humour and inquisitiveness, set him apart from many others

The exhibit covers details of his: