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How To Apply

It is easy to apply for admission to live at New College Postgraduate Village, UNSW. There are a number of factors that are considered when assessing prospective residents. These include academic performance, community service, leadership positions, cultural activities in sport/music/art, awards, achievements and special qualities. Accepting membership is normally a commitment to a 48 week accommodation contract. NCV’s sister-community, New College, has different membership conditions but the same application process described below also applies at NCV (with a few minor variations).

1. Apply using the online application

At the beginning of the application you will have the opportunity to indicate your preference for which community you wish to be admitted to: 1) New College Postgraduate Village (NCV): or 2) New College (NC); or 3) either would be fine (NCV & NC). The application asks you for personal data as well as your intellectual and academic interests, your cultural, sporting &/or artistic involvement, and your involvement in the wider community. This information is used to select residents. You will be able to indicate what type of accommodation you are looking for – catered or self-catered, studio or apartment etc. You will also need to include a passport/profile photo of yourself here – yes you can smile and we need to be able to clearly see your face.

2. Pay the $50 Application Fee.

The $50 Application Fee is non-refundable. Paying the fee makes you eligible for consideration for residency in both NCV and NC (you will already have indicated your preference).The NCV Online Application Portal is secure and online payment is protected by National Australia Bank’s facility NAB Transact.

If, you have difficulty completing the online application or paying, please contact the Admissions Officer: admissions@newcollege.unsw.edu.au

3. Book an Interview

Our staff will contact you as quickly as possible once you have completed the online application and your application fee has been received. The Admissions Officer will arrange a time for you to be interviewed by the Dean in person, or if this is impractical, by phone. An interview cannot be scheduled until the application fee has been paid.

4. Download the personal reference form

Your referee will need to submit this form as soon as possible as we need them before we make you a final written offer. The personal referee should be a person who has known you for some time, e.g. Family friend, doctor, sports coach, club official, etc. Referees should send them to the college as soon as they can for you. It is your responsibility to ensure your referees send the references directly to the College. They will be treated confidentially.

References can be submitted via email: admissions@newcollege.unsw.edu.au; or post:

The Admissions Officer
New College Village, UNSW
Sydney NSW 2502
5. Interview with the Dean of Residents.

The College places great importance on the interview and hence The Dean of Residents conducts interviews and considers applications in association with the Master. Whenever possible this is done in-person followed by a tour of the College or, where it is not practical to meet in person, a phone interview will be arranged.

How will I know if I have been successful?

Outstanding candidates may be offered membership of the College at any time by the Master. Because NCV has a mixture of undergraduate and postgraduate residents, interviews and offers occur all throughout the year. However, the majority of offers are generally made until closer to the end of the calendar year and in early January. Significant mid-year intakes also sees interviews and offers being made leading up Terms 2 and 3. Offers are made at other times depending on circumstances. If you require an answer by a certain date, contact the Dean and we will try to get a response to you before then.

A letter of offer will be made if your application is successful and sent to you by email. You will have 2-3 business days to accept or decline the offer. After this time your place cannot be assured.

The number of applications to NCV each year is more than the places available. Not all applicants will be offerered membership of the NCV Community.