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Christian Activities

NCV is a residential college affiliated with the Anglican Diocese of Sydney which is founded upon Christian faith and values. NCV provides opportunities for discussion and debate about Christianity and its relevance in modern society. Of course, no religious test is applied to members of the community.  Rather, NCV seeks to achieve its goals by establishing a collegiate community on the campus of UNSW through:

the provision of outstanding accommodation, pastoral care and academic support;

promoting understanding of the Christian faith;

the encouragement of personal growth in the Christian faith;

providing opportunities for corporate expression of the Christian faith; and

the development of scholarship and academic excellence.

There are a number of ways residents can explore the claims of Christianity within the NCV. These include through periodic Christianity Explored courses, or via the activities of the College's  Centre for Apologetics, Scholarship and Education.

Other opportunities available to residents to engage with the Christian life and worldview include:

NCV appoints Senior Ministry Residents help to co-ordinate Christian activities at NCV under the leadership of the Master and Dean.