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Edward from New Zealand – 4 years at NCV – Studies a Bachelor of Renewable Energy Engineering – Resident Committee Member

“Living at NCV provides numerous opportunities to get involved in activities and make friends in college, on campus or among the student hangouts surrounding the university.”

Edward from New Zealand – 4 years at NCV – Studies a Bachelor of Renewable Energy Engineering – Resident Committee Member


Why living at NCV was a good experience

Apart from the fact that NCV is just across the road from UNSW, the best part of living at NCV is the weekly activities for fun or for food or both. In a large community with a mix of undergrads and postgrads, there is always someone who has free time to plan a community activity. This is particularly useful when I am busy working on an assignment and need a refreshing break to let my hair down, chat with people or eat food supplied by someone else.

Another enjoyable aspect of living at NCV is the community spirit fostered by the Dean and team of Senior Residents (SRs). They are always willing to have a chat to ensure life is good and encourage participation in community activities to meet other residents. In addition, for any activity that involves performing in front of others, the SRs are willing to help residents overcome stage fright by joining them in the spotlight.

I have actively contributed towards the NCV community by being an Academic Tutor and joining the NCV Resident Committee. I arrived in the first year that the NCV building opened. I was eager to help develop the Resident Committee. The NCV Resident Committee provides an environment for residents to find encouragement and support from like-minded peers in activities such as organising movie nights, designing a college hoodie or compiling a yearbook. The emergence of the Inter-College Council also led to the NCV Resident Committee becoming a point of liaison with other colleges to coordinate activities.

Besides that, I’ve lent a helping hand when needed at the Barbeques, Monday night supper, Research Group meetings, Karaoke Night, cultural celebrations events, and O-Week activities to welcome new and returning residents.


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