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Danny Loh to Speak at National Education Conference

March 01, 2017
Posted by: Emma Nelson

Danny Loh is an NCV resident who is currently completing a Masters of Educational Psychology at UNSW.  In September 2017, Danny will have the opportunity to share the wisdom he has gained in the field of education as he speaks at the 2017 National VET Conference. We asked Danny a few questions about his background and experience in education.


1.         Where are you from?

I am an Australian Resident, originally from Singapore

2.         What are you studying/working as?

I am currently working as an Education Consultant, and studying Educational Psychology at UNSW on a part time basis. 

3.         Why did you decide to live at NCV?

I have always enjoyed living with people from various multicultural backgrounds. This colourful and vibrant lifestyle attracts me to learn more about the different cultures in the world.  Through this experience, I hope to make lifelong friends and sink my roots locally. NCV provides the best in terms of pastoral support, cultural interaction and convenience for students studying at UNSW.

4.         What is the 2017 National VET Conference?

The 2017 National VET Conference is an annual conference event in Australia for trainers, consultants and education leaders to gather and learn about the latest pedagogy developments for the Vocational Education & Training (VET) sector. It is an important and high-profiled event where speakers and delegates all over the country can network and form partnerships, or attend seminars to learn about new innovative ways of teaching and learning. 

5.         What topic will you be speaking on?

I will be speaking on the topic of "Storytelling in the VET classroom". I am constantly exploring ways to enhance classroom curriculum with storytelling concepts to improve learning and practical application. Storytelling plays an important role in our everyday lives - there is so much we can learn from stories! In this presentation, I will be discussing on the concepts behind the making of a story, and how to infuse it with learning.

6.         What makes you passionate about education?

As a professional trainer and educator, I have conducted and trained a wide range of audiences including high school students to C-Suites executives. I am very passionate about Self Development and I enjoy learning new knowledge to improve my skill set. As a result, I hope to pass on this passion, because in teaching you to grow, I will grow too.


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