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Lina's Time at NCV

January 31, 2017
Posted by: Emma Nelson

Lina Tao chose to live at NCV for safety reasons. Before she moved to Australia from China, her supervisor from UNSW told her that there had been a recent collapse of a residential building that caused injuries for international students. “I don’t want you to return to China in a wheelchair!” she said.

These sentiments were enough to convince Lina to apply for NCV. It didn’t take long for Lina to realise she had made the right decision, and that the advantages of living at NCV were far more than just its safety standards. Lina enjoyed every aspect of NCV - the bible study groups, formal dinners, cultural nights and games room. Ironically, the only part of life at NCV she didn’t enjoy were the safety fire drills.

Whilst in Sydney, Lina completed a two-year MA research program. Her research focussed on internal migrant children in mainland China who have typically moved to burgeoning cities from underdeveloped rural areas. It investigates how these children have been described in the media discourse, and finds that they are consistently portrayed as a passive, subordinate and inferior group whose voices are rarely heard in either online forums or offline media reports.

Lina was recognised for the excellence of her research, and published in a journal.

2016 was a whirlwind of exciting change for Lina. Since graduating from UNSW in June 2016, she has since been married and found a job in Beijing, China.

Working as a political officer in an international organisation, Lina’s new role involves providing research and reporting on China’s political and social issues. Into the future, Lina hopes to continue working in an international environment, which will enable her to access different frameworks for thinking and different value systems. She also hopes to become more involved in the family church that she is attending in Beijing. 


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