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Anthon Cayaco's Journey to NCV & Beyond

January 25, 2017
Posted by: Emma Nelson

NCV resident Anthon Cayaco travelled to Australia from the Philippines as part of the Defence Scholarship Cooperation Program (DCSP).


The scholarship, of varying lengths, is offered by the Australian Department of Defence to countries with close Defence ties to Australia. These countries include the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, East Timor, Thailand, Vietnam, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu, Tonga, and Fiji.


Anthon was required to choose a university approved by Defence across Australia for a post-graduate International Relations degree. While most of his colleagues chose to study at ANU, Anthon wasn’t convinced of the enjoyment of living alone in Canberra for a year, so he opted to study at UNSW seeing the potential to explore more of Australia with Sydney as his base.


He searched “UNSW” on YouTube to stumble upon New College Village. While he also applied for other residential colleges, NCV’s Dean, Susan Bazzana, responded most efficiently which he took as a sign that he was “destined for NCV.” Anthon is now certain that he made the right choice.


“I would definitely consider the NCV events, particularly the Formal Dinners and the NCV Cruise, and the camaraderie during Tuesday suppers as highlights of my stay in NCV,” Anthon reflects.


For his thesis, Anthon chose to combine International Relations with one of his childhood loves:  astrology. During a camping trip to the Northern Territory, Anthon was reminded of his fascination with the universe.


“I saw for the first time in many years the grandeur of the Milky Way and all the heavenly bodies visible to the naked eye…More than twenty years after first reading the works of famous astronomers as a boy growing up in a small city in the Southern Philippines, I now found myself finishing my post grad studies in International Relations, thinking about what to write for my thesis, staring once again at the sky – this time in the middle of the Australian outback.”


Eventually, he decided to write about outer space and international relations and is convinced his academic interest in this topic will not end with this thesis.


Before he left for Australia, he worked with the Public Affairs Service as a part of the Philippine Department of National Defence (DND). On his return, Anthon plans on resuming this position.


“I have been away from family and work for almost a year now, so I definitely will go back to what I was doing before I left for Australia, but now armed with an enhanced knowledge of International Relations that UNSW gave me, and the memories of the places I've been to in the Land Down Under, and the people I’ve met along the way.”


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