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From Spain to Sydney

February 08, 2017
Posted by: Emma Nelson

Iker Garcia is a PhD student from Eibar, in the North of Spain who has lived at NCV since early 2016. Here, he shares about some of his experience at UNSW and as a resident at NCV, particularly his involvement with Newtown Mission…

1.       What brings you to Sydney?

I needed to go on exchange for at least three months to get the International PhD Degree. I applied for a scholarship that promotes research exchange between Australia/New Zealand and Europe. My application was successful and I came here for six months.

2.       How did you decide to come to NCV?

I think that living close to the Campus is the best option. NCV, apart from being just in front, has ensuite studios, air conditioning and a great community. I appreciate that they gave me the opportunity to stay at NCV

3.       What is your field of study?

Chemical and Environmental Engineering. Specifically, heterogeneous catalysis.

4.       What has been your highlight of living at NCV?

Getting to know people from all over the world. I think that both Susan and all the Senior Residents make a great effort developing different activities, like weekly supper. They also introduce all the new people so it’s easier to feel welcome. I made great friends here with whom I expect to keep in touch.

5.       What has been your involvement with Newtown Mission? What have you learnt from this experience?

I knew that people from NCV went there monthly, so I wanted to take part.

It’s a great experience and I recommend everyone taking part at least once. It’s not easy to explain how I felt. I remember arriving back to NCV tired, but feeling so good because I was thinking that I contributed a little bit to improve someone’s day. My duty was to serve the tables.

It was great to see people that are facing hard situations being so thankful. They were always with a smile on their face. It's really sad that they need to go to the Mission, but it's great that there's people like the organisation and all the volunteers. Both the people that takes part in the Mission and the people that go there seem to be like a family.


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