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Diverse community at UNSW

February 03, 2015
Posted by: Jonathan Billingham, 15:50PM

Old and new residents of NCV are arriving each day and it is great to see such a wide variety of people in the community. NCV is a wonderfully diverse community and every year the number of residents who identify as having a nationality or ethnic background other than Australian is very high. One year we had over 60 different countries represented in some way and typically we have more the 40 countires represented. The NCV Dean of Residents, Susan Bazzana, is yet to reveal a final tally of the number of countries that will be represented this semester but we will have people from Reunion, Oman, Samoa and Tanzania just to name a few we didn’t have last year! New residents of NCV who have questions about settling in are encouraged to  speak with the Dean or the Senior Resident on their floor.

If you are looking for accommodation at UNSW, there are still some places available at NCV for 2015. NCV offers:

  • A vibrant community
  • Self-catered options
  • Additional Catered packages
  • Live in a fully furnished apartment with security for your room and a personal ensuite.
  • Live in your own fully furnished studio with ensuite.
  • All rooms have ensuite and air-conditioning
  • 30GB Internet included with WiFi & ethernet connectivity in all rooms
  • NCV is able to offer student accommodation to a select number of residents who will be studying at UNSW for just one semester.

Contact NCV to enquire now.


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