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2017 New College Lectures

September 14, 2017
Dr Brian Rosner
Personal Identity

Personal Identity

Traditionally, a person’s identity was more predetermined than it is today: where they would live, what they would do, the type of person they would marry, their basic beliefs. In recent years, identity has increasingly become a personal project, enabled by social media to project a person’s chosen image to the outside world. Despite the attractive possibilities that these new opportunities present, many modern factors weigh against a satisfying sense of self: perceptions of personal significance, relationship breakdown, the pace of life itself, multiple careers, consequent social mobility. For increasing numbers of people, modern life has become an environment of identity angst: “being true to yourself” can seem more like a cruel taunt than a piece of realistic advice. 

The 2017 New College Lectures will consider the thorny issue of personal identity.

While exploring commonly-held beliefs that underpin much of modern life, the three lectures will consider the Bible’s answers to the most pressing and personal questions of the postmodern world: 

9780310499824, Known by God : A Biblical Theology of Personal Identity, Brian S. RosnerWho are you? What defines you? What makes you, you?

You are also invited to a special opening function on the night of the first lecture (Tuesday 12th September). The pre-lecture function from 6pm (with canapés) will include the launch of a new book by Dr Rosner as we also celebrate the 30thAnniversary of the New College Lectures. Dr Rosner’s new book is Known by God: A Biblical Theology of Personal Identity. This will be introduced by Dr John Dickson and copies will be available for purchase at the bookstall.

Tues 12 Sep

Opening Event & Book Launch with John Dickson - 6:00pm

Complimentary canapés will be served. Entry is FREE | RSVP Essential
Lecture 1 - Identity Angst: Unstable Foundations - 7:30pm

Wed 13 Sep

Lecture 2 - The Relational Self: You are a social being - 7:30pm

Thurs 14 Sep

Lecture 3 - The Narratival Self: You are your story - 7:30pm

Dr Brian Rosner

Dr Brian Rosner BA (Hons), ThM (Dallas), PhD (Cambridge)is Principal of Ridley College in Melbourne, having lectured previously at Moore Theological College and the University of Aberdeen in Scotland.  He is the author or editor of more than a dozen books, including The New Dictionary of Biblical Theology, the Pillar commentary on 1 Corinthians, Greed as Idolatry, Paul and the Law, and most recently, Known by God: A Biblical Theology of Personal Identity.  He is a member of the Christian Standard Bible Translation Revision Committee and a Humboldt research fellow in Germany.  He is also passionate about promoting the Christian faith in the public sphere and is a fellow of The Centre for Public Christianity. In recent years his articles have appeared in The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age and The Australian and he has been interviewed on Compass and The Spirit of Things.

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