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New College 2017-2018 Intentions

November 26, 2017 - February 11, 2018

Book in your intentions for Summer and 2018!

First of all: Advise us of when you are checking out at the end of the year, and if you are returning next year.

Membership in 2018 is not always guaranteed, and sometimes requires a discussion with the Dean before a 2018 Contract is approved.


If you are returning, you will be sent a 2018 Contract once we receive your intentions. To qualify for the loyalty rate, these contracts must be signed and returned with your fees-in-advance deposit of $1,000 by Wednesday, 22 Nov 2017. After this date, you can still return for 2018, but you will not qualify for the loyalty rate.

All standard 2018 College Contracts commence on Sunday 11 February, including Prep Week and O'Week.

Because of the additional week in the Medicine academic year, 2018 Contracts for Medical students commence on Sunday, 18 February. Medical students are encouraged to also come for Prep Week but to arrange this as a casual booking for dates before 18 February - either nominated as a summer stay in this form, or by email to the Dean.

The booking date you nominate indicates when you are actually going to check back in to College in 2018 - and does not affect or alter your contract start date.


You then have the opportunity to nominate up to six (6) preferences for your 2018 room in priority order.

Each preference can be a person or people, rooms, groups, floors, an RA, window seats, or something else, and will be considered in your order nominated.

Remember that the gender allocation of rooms swaps each year: ie. 1A will be girls and 1B will be boys in 2018.

RA flats have also been finalised: Boys on the South side, Girls on the North (their preference) - 1st: Thelonius & Quack; 2nd: Banaynay & Norbert; 3rd: Neesha & ?Eger; 4th: Lorax and Harris.

Room priorities are based on seniority in College, elected positions (NCSA, NCCF, Tutors, etc), current room location, and personal circumstances, and are wholly at the Dean's discretion.

Anti-preferences (people you don't want to live with) can also be nominated in these spots. It is worth explaining why and the situation briefly too. We will attempt to honour these as a matter of priority, but they cannot be guaranteed and need to be discussed with the Dean.

While the Dean will try to accommodate all requests, not all preferences can or will be able to be honoured.


Summer stays beyond your contract end date can also be nominated here, and are subject to approval and availability.

This is also the place to nominate yourself for Summer RA duties if you are around.


Any questions, send the Dean an email: a.boog@newcollege.unsw.edu.au or book in an appointment at the Office.

New College

, UNSW Australia
NSW 2052

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