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NCV Researchers

Hugh was NCV’s longest-serving Senior Resident

Hugh David Miller from Sydney, NSW - PhD in the School of Civil & Environmental Engineering


Hugh David Miller is from Sydney and lived at NCV in 2014-2018. He was NCV’s longest-serving Senior Resident, working from January 2015 until February 2018, and was also Senior Academic Tutor in 2017. Hugh completed a PhD in the School of Civil & Environmental Engineering. Through his research, he developed surface treatment techniques for steel fibres and carbon nanotubes to create chemical bonds with a cement matrix, thereby improving the durability and strength of fibre-reinforced concrete.

Steel is the most popular fibre used in fibre-reinforced concrete and currently relies on a physical bond between the fibre and the matrix. This bond is based on the friction of the interface and the physical shape of the fibre, which anchors it in position. Numerous variations in the shape of steel fibres have already been investigated, but a chemical bond complements the physical bond. Carbon nanotubes (CNTs) are one of the strongest materials in the world and are therefore being used experimentally in fibre-reinforced concrete, but their dispersion within the cementitious matrix and the strength of their bond with the matrix are both problematic. Unlike steel fibres, CNTs are normally surface-treated for use in concrete, but there are only two popular methods for this and both have major problems. Hugh’s research has identified a new, superior technique to treat CNTs for use in concrete.

Soon after finishing his thesis, Hugh won the Concrete Institute of Australia’s 2018 Student Pitch competition on the basis of this research.

Hugh now works for NSW Public Works Advisory as a project manager in Coffs Harbour, NSW.


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