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Vision for New College

It is common to have a vision statement for most organizations, particularly for businesses. But does this make sense for an organization like New College? Vision statements are often about change, whereas schools, universities and university colleges typically try to avoid change. Some have managed to achieve this for centuries. Our namesake at Oxford University has traditions that reach back over six centuries. However, my view is that great organizations cannot rest on their laurels, they need constantly to assess how well they do the things they do, and how they might improve the organizations for the benefit of stakeholders. The key stakeholders for New College UNSW and the New College Village are first the residents and their families, second the University that we serve, third the church that founded us and finally, the wider community that benefits from the lives and work of the residents who pass through the colleges.

So my vision for New College is four fold:

  1. To continue to provide two outstanding communities at UNSW – New College and New College Village – in which residents experience a rich and supportive life that challenges them and helps them to develop in character, faith and intellect.
  2. To build stronger links between New College with its alumni, the University, the Church and the community.
  3. To seek opportunities to develop other colleges that will provide additional opportunities for university students to experience what New College and the NCV offer. 
  4. To be the accommodation of choice on any campus where we operate.
Professor Trevor Cairney OAM