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UNSW Campus

New College Village (NCV) is located on the western grounds of the main UNSW campus in Kensington, Sydney. It is a two minute walk to the Law Library and about a ten minute walk from the main UNSW library, both of which have numerous study spaces.

Living on campus at UNSW frees up an enormous amount of time compared with commuting to the campus, even from the surrounding few suburbs. Moreover, living on the campus enables students to participate in a wide array of on-campus activities, many of which are missed by those who commute to the university. NCV itself provides its own opportunities for involvement, not to mention the numerous other clubs and societies on campus.

UNSW’s Paddington Campus, which hosts the College of Fine Arts (CoFA) is only a short bus ride away from NCV. NCV is home to a number of CoFA students studying the full suite of CoFA’s courses, from Bachelor of Fine Arts all the way through to PhD level studies.

NCV located on campus at UNSW