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Catered Options

NCV is a primarily self-catered college. Every studio has its own kitchenette and each apartment has its own kitchen and dining area. This is great if you like independence to eat whatever you feel like, whenever you like.

We recognise that not everyone wants to cook all their own meals so NCV offers a meal plan through the New College cafe.

Meal plans are available but optional. For a weekly cost of just $58, NCV residents can apply to get lunch and dinner seven days a week at the New College cafe for 44 weeks.

NCV residents will receive credit on their student card each Monday morning.

The standard Meal package involves 10 meals a week: lunch & dinner taken generally from the New College cafe over a 7 day period. Our experience is that this is generally sufficient for most students, as they sometimes wish to cook themselves or occasionally eat out at one of the many good restaurants and cafes nearby.

What if you don’t use your Meal Package credit or you require more meals?

  • If you don’t use your Meal Package credit you will accrue it to purchase snacks or additional meals at the cafe. A Meal Package for 14 meals per week can be arranged.
  • You can request to be on the meal plan after arriving at New College Village.

NCV residents can eat in at the New College Cafe or get take-away.The New College Cafe