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Bible Studies

New College Village hosts two weekly bible studies for residents. These groups are open to any resident, whether they are already a committed Christian, or are simply interested in finding out about Jesus and the claims of the Bible.  For those interested in a general overview of the Christian faith, a Christianity Explored course is also run from time to time.

A typical bible study at NCV will involve reading through a passage from the Bible together, after which the group leader will lead a discussion about what the passage means and how it ought to impact our lives.  The groups are usually led by the Dean and/or Senior Ministry Residents.

Bible studies are a great way to meet fellow residents, and to learn from the Bible together. Normally, the group works through a book of the Bible over several weeks as part of a series. Over the last few years the NCV Bible Study has looked at the Old Testament books of Nehemiah, Daniel and Jonah, the Gospels of Luke and Mark, and the New Testament books of Acts, 1 John, Galatians, Philippians and Revelation.  This year the NCV Bible Study is looking at the Gospel of John.