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Becoming a resident of New College Village (NCV) offers the opportunity to live in community with a diverse group of people who are studying or researching at the highest level. Unlike the other colleges at the University of New South Wales, NCV has been created with increased independence in mind, and is ideally suited to undergraduates looking to combine a college experience with a little more freedom and flexibility, or for postgraduate students and researchers. It is a place that empowers residents with enough personal space to be independent yet still feel like they are part of a fun and caring community of students who are living and learning together.

NCV is vibrant community and when residents are admitted it is as members of the NCV community. It is expected that residents will contribute to the life of the NCV in positive ways, as they are able. If you haven't already, take some time to browse the "Life at NCV" section of this website.

Important Notices

  • Applications for Semester 2, 2018 are now extremely limited and applications may be subject to a wait-list.
  • Applications for 2019 are now open.

Helpful Admissions Links

2018 NCV Resident Handbook

Download the 2018 NCV Resident Handbook