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Academic Tutors

Each year, academic tutors are appointed within the NCV to assist residents with their studies. Tutors are typically in their final years of research or study. They have done well in their own studies, and are willing to make themselves available to assist other residents. The type of assistance given will vary from discipline to discipline and may take the form of formal tutorials or one-on-one tutoring. NCV is more than just a provider of UNSW accommodation so the academic tutors appointed by the Dean and Master are chosen to give all residents the best opportunity to do well in their studies.

2017 Academic Tutors (ATs)

Hugh Miller (Senior Academic Tutor)

  • Engineering Tutor
  • The Senior Academic Tutor can also suggest other tutoring help for subjects not listed below

Danish Obaid

  • Commerce
  • Finance

Hira Syeda

  • Maths
  • Computer Engineering

Nicholas Vardanega

  • Essay writing
  • Study Skills
  • Undergrad Law

Olivia Curtis

  • 1st Year and Mechanical Engineering

Milad Momayyezan

  • Electrical Engineering

Jason Yan

  • Medicine