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2016 Annual Appeal

Dear Alumni & Friends of New College,

Over 4600 young men and women have been welcomed into the New College community since 1969. Since being appointed as the Master in 2002, I have been heartened to witness each year a group of Freshers arrive and enthusiastically embrace the spirit of friendship and collegiality for which New College is so famous.

As Master, I have sought to guard the egalitarian nature of New College while still being committed to our Christian foundations. Unlike some other independent university colleges, New College has never sought to attract residents based simply on academic merit, social standing, or religious belief.  In part, this reflects the story of the University of New South Wales, which has a wonderful history of self-made success stories.

To maintain the diverse nature of the communities at New College it has been necessary to offer a significant scholarship and bursary program. The reality is, that living in a residential college is an expensive investment. While some students are fortunate to live with parents in proximity of the university, and others are prepared to live in shared housing off campus without the support of a college, this is not the reality for many.

Our scholarship holders in 2016 include wonderful residents like:

The donations New College receives from the annual appeal play a significant role in reducing the burden on students from low income families. And yet the need from worthy applicants continually outstrips our ability to provide support. New College, UNSW is a not‐for‐profit College with tax deductible charitable status. We continue to build varied forms of support including half-fee scholarships, Indigenous scholarships, a creative arts scholarship, postgraduate support, and bursary support of $1,000 to $2,000 per year.

Please join me in supporting future generations of New Collegians. The wonderful residents of New College are worth investing in.


Prof Trevor Cairney

For further information please contact the Alumni & Public Relations Office on +61 (2) 9381 1740 or email

Imogen Hunter received the 2016 Jared Pritchard Memorial Scholarship


Sarah Molloy received the 2016 New College Alumni Scholarship













Grace Mcdonald is a 2016 Recipient of Bursary Assistance

Michael King is a recipient of Bursary Assistance in 2016