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2008 - God and the Artist

New College Lecture Series 2008

God and the Artist: Human Creativity in Theological Perspectiveby Professor Trevor Hart

The relationship between creativity, imagination and belief is a rich topic that has been explored by theologians and artists alike for many centuries. Drawing on the work of Shakespeare, Shelley, Cervantes, Tolkien and others, Professor Trevor Hart addressed this topic at the 22nd annual New College Lecture series.  Read a detailed summary of all 3 New College lectures by New College's Master Prof Trevor Cairney here. During his New College Lectures visit Greg Clarke conducted a series of interviews with Professor Hart about his topic.

God and the Artist – Lecture Summaries

Tuesday 2 September | ‘The lunatic, the lover and the poet’: divine copyright and the dangers of ‘strong imagination’

Wednesday 3 September | The ‘heart of man’ and the ‘mind of the maker’: Tolkien and Sayers on imagination and human artistry

Thursday 4 September | Givenness, grace, and gratitude: creation, artistry and eucharist

The 2008 New College lectures information PowerPoint Slide Show presentation is available to download.  Download the presentation here.

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