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1999 - If Christ Came to the Olympics

1999 New College Lectures: If Christ Came to the Olympics with William Baker

If Christ came to the Olympics, what would He see? What would He hear? What would He think of the modern Games? And what would be His response?

In the 1999 New College Lectures, William Baker mused on the fascinating idea of Christ turning up at any time and place. Baker discussed the body of work this idea has spawned, including Levi's famous account of Facist Italy, Christ Stopped at Ebil, and Albert Schweitzer's The Quest for the Historical Jesus. Baker then looked at the history of the Olympics and examined the meaning of the Games in modern society. A book published after the lectures titled If Christ came to the Olympics includes topics as:

  • the original idea behind the modern Olympics
  • the religious origins of organised sport
  • the changing goals of the Olympic Games
  • the meaning of Olympic symbols and ceremonies
  • amateurism and professionalism in sport
  • women in sport
  • evangelicals at the Olympics

Entertaining and full of illuminating examples, If Christ Came to the Olympics challenges readers not only to consider what the Olympic games are really about but also what role religion plays in sport and how we view sport generally. There is no available stock remaining for the sale of this publication.